Kanawha Valley Atheists and Agnostics -       My Stories
We are a Charleston, West Virginia based community of skeptics, free thinkers, secular humanists, agnostics and atheists. We have twice monthly meetings to discuss various topics important to us all.  


Our mission:
  • to develop and support the atheist and agnostic community
  • to provide opportunities for friendship with other freethinkers
  • to help those who want to come out of the religious closet
  • to promote critical thinking, education, science and logic
  • to promote secular viewpoints
  • to encourage positive atheist culture
  • to defend the first amendment principle of church-state separation
  • to oppose discrimination against atheists
  • to help others and offer public service
We are an affiliate of American Atheists and work with them to promote the separation of religion from government.
Please join us as we strive to build a central West Virginia based agnostic and atheist community. Skeptics, freethinkers and secular humanists -- we want to share our stories with like-minded individuals and become involved in our local communities to spread the word... 
...that Logic, Science and Reason are values worth sharing.
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